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Ici vous trouverez les différents plugins Wordpress que j’ai réalisé.

Tous ces plugins sont libres d’utilisation, mais un petit commentaire, ou simplement dire que vous l’utilisez, voire un petit don de remerciement, sera grandement apprécié !

Pour faire don, il vous suffit de cliquer ici :

En plus de mes propres plugins, voici la liste de ceux que j’utilises sur ce site, cette liste est construite grâce au plugin lbcd78.

  • Akismet v2.2.3

    Akismet checks your comments against the Akismet web service to see if they look like spam or not. You need a API key to use it. You can review the spam it catches under "Comments." To show off your Akismet stats just put <?php akismet_counter(); ?> in your template. See also: WP Stats plugin. Par Matt Mullenweg.

  • All in One SEO Pack v1.4.7.4

    Out-of-the-box SEO for your Wordpress blog. Options configuration panel | Donate | Support Par Michael Torbert.

  • BackUpWordPress v0.4.5

    Manage WordPress Backups. Beta Release. Please help testing and give me feedback under the comments section of the Plugin page. Backup DB, Files & Folders, use .tar.gz, .zip, Exclude List, etc. Par Roland Rust.

  • BM Custom Login v1.3

    Display custom images on the wordpress login screen. Useful for branding. Par Ben Gillbanks.

  • cforms v8.4

    cformsII offers unparalleled flexibility in deploying contact forms across your blog. Features include: comprehensive SPAM protection, Ajax support, Backup & Restore, Multi-Recipients, Role Manager support, Database tracking and many more. Please see the VERSION HISTORY for what's new and current bugfixes. Par Oliver Seidel.

  • Dagon Design Sitemap Generator v3.14

    Generates a fully customizable sitemap Par Dagon Design.

  • EasyDonation v1.0

    PayPal Donation Management plugin Par Paul Bain.

  • Exclude Pages from Navigation v1.4

    Provides a checkbox on the editing page which you can check to exclude pages from the primary navigation. IMPORTANT NOTE: This will remove the pages from any "consumer" side page listings, which may not be limited to your page navigation listings. Par Simon Wheatley.

  • Executable PHP widget v1.1

    Like the Text widget, but it will take PHP code as well. Heavily derived from the Text widget code in WordPress. Par Otto.

  • FeedBurner FeedSmith v2.3.1

    Originally authored by Steve Smith, this plugin detects all ways to access your original WordPress feeds and redirects them to your FeedBurner feed so you can track every possible subscriber. Par FeedBurner.

  • Fliptext v1.1

    Display your text in mirror mode, define which text can be flipped by user in one click Par Telesphore.

  • Get-a-Post vR1.4

    Display a specific post (or Page) with standard WP template tags. Par Kaf Oseo.

  • Google XML Sitemaps v3.2

    This plugin will generate a compatible sitemap of your WordPress blog which is supported by, Google, MSN Search and YAHOO. Configuration Page Par Arne Brachhold.

  • Highlight Source Pro v1.3

    Powerful, XHTML-compliant, server-side code highlighting, credits for everything Par Christian Knoflach.

  • iPaper v1.2

    Manage and embed Scribd iPaper documents. Par Telesphore.

  • kPicasa Gallery v0.1.5

    Display your Picasa Web Galleries in a post or in a page. Par Guillaume Hébert.

  • lbcd78 Plugins View v0.3

    lpv Add in a page or post plugin's list activated on your blog. Just put this code : Par lbcd78.

  • MyCaptcha v2.5.0.2

    This is just a plugin, to manage Captchas for comments Par Andre Renaut.

  • Search Everything v5

    Adds search functionality with little setup. Including options to search pages, excerpts, attachments, drafts, comments, tags and custom fields (metadata). Also offers the ability to exclude specific pages and posts. Does not search password-protected content. Par Dan Cameron.

  • Sociable v2.6.6

    Automatically add links on your posts to popular social bookmarking sites. Go to Options -> Sociable for setup. Par Joost de Valk.

  • Theme Test Drive v2.7.2

    Safely test drive any theme while visitors are using the default one. Includes instant theme preview via thumbnail. Par Vladimir Prelovac.

  • TinyMCE Advanced v3.2

    Enables advanced features and plugins in TinyMCE. Par Andrew Ozz.

  • Video widget v1.2.3

    Adds some YouTube/Dailymotion/Google... sidebar videos. This plugin is based on Executable PHP widget for multiples widgets, YouTube widget for the idea and Video Embedder for the video html library. Par nikohk.

  • Viper's Video Quicktags v6.1.15

    Easily embed videos from various video websites such as YouTube, DailyMotion, and Vimeo into your posts. Par Viper007Bond.

  • Whydowork Adsense v1.2

    Insert Adsense code in your pages without modifying the template. Show different ads for articles older than 7 days (or as old as you wish). Par Whydowork.

  • Stats v1.3.7

    Tracks views, post/page views, referrers, and clicks. Requires a API key. Par Andy Skelton.

  • Wordpress Download Monitor v2.1.5

    Manage downloads on your site, view and show hits, and output in posts. Downloads page found at "Manage>Downloads". Par Mike Jolley.

  • WP-Cumulus v1.11

    Flash based Tag Cloud for WordPress Par Roy Tanck.

  • WP Google Analytics v1.1.0

    Lets you use Google Analytics to track your WordPress site statistics Par Aaron D. Campbell.

  • WP lightbox 2 v0.6.3

    Lightbox JS v2 is a simple, unobtrusive script used to to overlay images on the current page written by Lokesh Dhakar. Add rel="lightbox" attribute to any link tag to activate the lightbox. This plugin integrate its feature into your WordPress blog. Par Safirul Alredha.

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